*Please note, session titles & times are subject to change due to schedule conflicts per our speakers.

Addressing the Mechanisms that Perpetuate Social Oppression

There are a variety of factors that contribute to social oppression. This session will explore these factors and how their continuance is a hindrance to racial/social justice.

Anti-Racism 101

Antiracism is a complex concept that requires equally complex commitments. Antiracism 101 introduces participants to antiracism and engages them in antiracism interrogations of traditional DEI initiatives.

Building the Racial Justice Strategic Plan/Capacity Building Plan? (workshop)

This workshop will address the steps to building an effective plan that promotes equity and justice on a corporate/organizational level.

Confronting Jim Crow: A Stepping Stone to Racial Unity

Although it may seem that we are far removed from the Jim Crow era, there are still traces of its discriminatory practices in today’s society. This session will recognize some of the modern Jim Crow practices.

George Floyd Death & its Implications

George Floyd’s unlawful murder shook the world, as protests erupted internationally. This session will look into what Mr.Floyd’s death concludes for the status of society and law, while also looking at the societal and legal impact this tragedy has had.

Racial Justice

Being driven to fight for racial justice is for everyone given that the wellness of our society is a collection of the wellness of everyone. Participants of this session will learn how to promote equity in everyday life and different ways to be active advocates for racial justice within communities, social circles, and workplaces.

Social Equity: Health, Financial, Justice & Public Policy

This session will address how certain disadvantaged groups continue to experience social disadvantages on an institutional level.

Social Justice 101

Systemic Racism

Sometimes, we think of racism as a one time incident. However, racism also pervades cultures, societal norms, policies, and institutions, and it has permeated for centuries. In this way, racism becomes systemic, and dismantling it can take introspection on not only ourselves but the society around us. This session will delve into the intricacies of systemic racism and how we can work on shifting the culture away from such a damaging reality.

What’s Critical Race Theory? (workshop)

This session will dive into the academic movement that seeks to critically examine U.S. law as it pertains to issues of race in the U.S.

What is your Organization Doing to Address both Social and Racial Justice

This session will explore different ways organizations can effectively address social/racial justice.

Why Cultural Competencies Matters?

This session will explain the importance of and what it means to be culturally competent, and how one can increase their cultural intelligence.

Why Social and Racial Justice Initiatives Fail or Generate Superficial Change

Over the past year as the social climate has become more progressive with various racial justice movements, it became a trend for organizations to put in place initiatives for social/racial justice. This session will address the reason for the failure of the initiatives put in place by organizations.