Anti-Racism Leader Training Offerings

November 9, 2022

Certified Anti-Racism Advocate

Certified Anti-Racism Advocate I is an introduction to the topic of racism. This certification targets all individuals. It is an oppportunity to learn and gain knowledge on race/racism in the US. The session will provide insite on self awareness and person bias that we all have. This Certification will leveral course work from both ethnic studies/critical race as well as affiliated fields.

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Certified Anti-Racism Leader

The Anti-Racism journey can feel daunting, even for those who have engaged actively in DEI efforts in the past. Antiracism work is multifaceted and holistic and involves all aspects of your personal and professional dimensions. For instance, recognizing race-based advantages and actively resisting racism as a daily practice is the most crucial work that white people can embrace in order to create meaningful change. This session takes a two-pronged approach – Personal and Professional – in providing analyses of white advantage and actionable steps about how to disrupt racism and create personal and professional communities where everyone thrives.


  • The White Advantage – How to become conscious of the unearned advantages and structural power granted whites simply by reason of race
  • Listening as a Tool of Anti-Racism – How to listen to people of color without judgment and/or defensiveness
  • Building Relationships of Accountability – How to develop relationships of truth-telling and accountability with people of color
  • Anti-Racism in the Hybrid Workplace – How to make sure anti-racism is front of mind in your distributed workforce
  • Creating Anti-Racist Workplaces – How to become an anti-racist leader in your organization
  • Actionable Steps to Interrupt Racism – A step-by-step guide to disrupt racism in your personal and professional environments

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Racial Justice Certificate

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